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    Sep 19, 2018
    We started with 4 hens, then found out one was a rooster and had to get rid of him. Two Buff Orpingtons and an Easter Egger with only one hen laying eggs. Something got one of the BO's and the two left became big buddies. Since we have had the chickens, they all became oddly close with our two chocolate labs. Wherever the dogs were laying or hanging out...the chickens were there also. They even left their coop to sleep with the dogs in their dog house. About 3 weeks ago, a bald eagle got the other BO. It didn't affect the EE at first and she continued to hang out with the dogs. But after a few days, she stopped coming out of the barn, and now she has stopped laying. My husband will pick her up and bring her outside, but she goes right back in after a few minutes. It's sad to see her like this. One of the dogs will go in the barn and stand in front of her, like he's trying to get her to come out, and she makes some sound a few times and he turns to go. Any suggestions on helping to perk her up? Will she be okay or is she going to grieve herself to death?
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    This is indeed very sad.

    I’m so sorry for both of you.... the three of you...even the dog!

    She needs a friend ASAP.
    While I don’t usually suggest adding to a flock without a considerable isolation period, in this case since you only have the one I’d be on Craigslist today or calling around to my chicken friends to see if they have one or two they could give you.
    I have BO’s and they are bffs for sure.
    In the meantime I suggest that you hang a goodsize mirror at floor level for her and give her a couple of similar sized stuffed animals to snuggle with.
    You can use tiewraps to attach them to the roost.
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    It may be more than loneliness. She may very well be aware that the bald eagle is still in the area and is staying in a safe place.
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    did you try stringing fishing line near the barn? I have a friend that does this and we have eagles and hawks and she has lost a couple, but nothing like before she strung the line.
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    Sep 19, 2018
    What does the fishing line do?

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