saddle feathers


6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
When do cockerals get their saddle feathers? I have an 8 week old easter egger and I am hoping it is a hen but she is growing a comb all of a sudden so she might be a he. No saddle feathers yet that I can tell.
It all depends. I dont even sex EEsby looking at saddle feathers or comb. I sex by feather pattern. If you post a pic I am sure me or someone else on here can tell you gender
And she is starting to get a comb but she wont let me get close enough to her to take a good picture of it.
That's an EE roo, with the red on the shoulders and the red comb at that age.
Well I hope he stays nice cause I hate to have to get rid of him. he is hatch mates with the duck and the duck would be so sad without him.

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