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  1. I have an old buddy who loves to mix up stuff, and he created this vinegar/tomato juice/herbs and spices salad dressing that is a big hit with a lot of people around here and they would like to have some. He called me and ask if he could can salad dressing, and I didn't know what to tell him. I think this would have a long shelf life in the fridge, as its olive oil, vinegar, tomator juice, and herbs like I said . . . any ideas. I told him I had found a fantastic website where everyone has great ideas, and I would ask!!
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    Commercial salad dressing is prepared and canned in a way that is not possible at home. Canning your dressing with the method we have available will breakdown the dressing.

    And yes, kept in the frig the dressing would have a very long shelf life. I'm not sure just how long but I've had homemade dressings last in the frig for a couple of months and still taste fresh.
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