salted sunflower seeds

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    Mar 8, 2011
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    Can chickens eat salted sunflower seeds like people eat or is there side effects to much salt?
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    Jan 16, 2012
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    sodium is definitely not something chickens should eat, its bad for them,

    2 summers ago my deep well water softener malfunctioned and because I drank culligan water I never noticed that the water in my pipes was coming out as salt water, 13 of my chickens died due to high levels of sodium. Now I had no clue it was due to this until my daughter decided she wanted to cool off in the tub, and she stuck her head in the water and she said the water tasted salty. now I have no idea how long my water had been like this, and I ended up giving them rain water to drink until the softener was fixed. The vet confirmed the high sodium levels, kidneys shut down on them.

    the black oil sunflower seeds are real good for them, but they are high in fat so I would not give them too many a few handfuls a few times per week would be fine, it is what I do with mine, they go nutty for those and salt free peanuts, LOL, but I really only give them salt free peanuts once every couple weeks and its usually something I give like one or 2 per chicken as they come get them from me!!

    for good treats I get my kids who love to dig around in the garden to bring them worms and grubs, LOL....Now that is a site and a kids love to see them run after each other trying to steal the worm or grub away from each other lol.
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    If I give a salted treat (as in stale in our kitchen leftovers) I soak then rinse, soak then rinse until I am satisfied. They love whatever it is!

    I feed black oil sunflower seed (birdseed) and they love it.

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