Scared my brooder is too hot -- update and another question


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Nov 20, 2010
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I have 3 day old chicks in a watermelon box on my glass porch. This is where I always keep my chicks but I've never had them this late in the spring. It is 96 outside today, and I'm scared it's too hot in the brooder. The thermometer says 94, and the light is off and has been since before lunch. They are in the shade. Is there anything I need to do to cool them off? They are lying mostly on one side of the box and perk up if I go out there. A couple of them (out of 33) have their beaks open (panting?).

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Does the box have a top? Can you put some strong mesh or wire across the top? Then you could freeze some water bottles and lay them on top of the mesh so cool air falls into part of the brooder without draft and without them directly touching the ice.
Okay, so I've been bringing the chicks inside during the day because we don't have anywhere else to put them besides our porch (which is not completely glassed in) -- no garage, etc. Plus, it's hot no matter where they are outside. So they're hanging out in (and stinking up!) my dining room. All 33 are doing great.

My next question: At what age can these chicks withstand the heat outside? They are two weeks old now... when can I put them outside in the coop? It is 99 today; I'm more worried about the heat and dehydration than the 70 degree temps at night!

During the first week, the chicks are supposed to be kept very warm, but if they show obvious signs (panting, standing as far away from eachother as possible) they should be cooled off. Is this a temporary heat spell or are temperatures typical for your area? How hot will it get in the full heat of summer?
It has been unusually hot here for the last two months. My husband's watermelons are even getting ready way faster than they should. It is typically in the 90's most of the summer here though, so today was much like the hottest days we'll have this summer, although they all won't be this hot. We just usually don't have consistent 90's with no rain this early. It has only rained once or twice since February, and we've had 90's for the last several weeks! My chicks last year did fine, but they were born in March instead of May.

My coop/run has a roof and is almost completely shaded in the woods with only partial sun (never full sun), so they seem to do okay in there. I have a few young ones right now -- 8 - 10 weeks old that stay in my shrubs around my house during the day. I try to keep their water cool, and they seem fine. I just don't know about these little ones. I'm ready to get them out of my house, but I sure don't want them to be too hot. It's so hot, I have to bring them inside before lunch or they start panting.

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