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Two Creeks Farm

8 Years
Apr 23, 2011
Hedgesville, WV
I cleaned up one of my small Pepper gardens that is inbetween the house and coop the other day. A piece of the deer netting had ripped off and I had meant to throw it away. Just a few hours before dark, I walked by it and almost picked it up but had my hands full so it stayed put, right out in the wide open.

My neighbors kid asked what our cats problem was as it rocketed off my wife lap(5 of us were sitting watching the chickens) and darted right to that piece of teh same time the neighbor asked if that was a snake. It indeed was, a copperhead, that had become tangled in that netting.

No, I did with a shovel. I had to scare the cat off it however. It has been bitten before and we almost lost him.

I watched that cat this morning kill 2 mice, then watched the chickens run up and take them haha!

We have copperheads and rattlers here but thankfully we do not cross paths very much. This is actually the 1st copperhead ive seen since 2003 here on my place. We are however always looking for them. We killed a 51 inch 10 rattle rattler afew years back next door after the snake was found near the house. Dry years seem to really bring them down on the mid ridges as they follow the mice. One new neighborhood at the base of the mountain is having one heck of a fight with rattlers, ive heard as many as 20 or 30 killed in one yard alone. Not sure if they just happened to build in a bad spot or what ...glad it aint my neighborhood LOL!
I think you answered your own questions

Yep, with a non poisonous snake, would do that, not with a copperhead or any other poisonous snake. Besides, handling them is a risky business for anyone who doesn't have the proper training and experience and could end up badly.

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