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    May 11, 2010
    New here! We have six black austrolorps that are about 7 weeks old. One, who is probably the smallest, has really scraggly looking feathers. They almost look dirty. I have inspected their coop/run for red mites and didn't see any or any signs of them. I also looked for lice on her and again didn't notice any. A few (probably 6 or so) have fallen out in the last two to three days. She acts, eats and poops normally. Any other ideas?
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    Greenford, Ohio
    If you think you might have pest in the coop, try spreading some DE in the coop, or putting out a dust bath box for them. I use wood ashes from our wood burner. The DE and the ashes will help get rid of the pest.

    As for the feathers, that could change when she molts, or that just might be how they are going to be. Try posting some pictures if you can, that always helps.

    Oh and [​IMG]

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