Scrambled eggs - cooking with duck eggs

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  1. I am surprised no one has mentioned sour cream. Instead of milk, whip or whisk with sour cream. Makes them lighter, fluffier, with a hint of the southwest.
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    Jul 5, 2011
    Quote:Don't wimp out!!!!! I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only that...HOW do you know that the eggs that come from Walmart are, in fact, CHICKEN eggs?? I promise you will be pleasantly surprised. I can NOT wait to make deviled eggs out of them.
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    Quote:Darn, should have thought of this myself! Have to try this, and all the other suggestions. Really once you try the duck eggs, you won't want to go back to store bought chicken eggs. I told my husband this morning...we don't have enough eggs for the weekend (only have one duck laying), but I am not going to buy store bought eggs! How quickly we get spoiled!~
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    Jul 5, 2011
    I have to agree....I was getting one a day, now two, and it is like Christmas every day! Though...there were a few days when I wouldn't get ANY (before I started getting two) and I was SO disappointed!!!
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    I love to bake with duck eggs. I will also scramble duck egg in with chicken eggs [we have chicken too] so if hubby asks if these are chicken eggs I don't have to lie. [​IMG] I also make egg salad out of the duck eggs. yummy! boiled eggs also give some to our dogs good source of protein for them.
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    Scrambled eggs mixed with a little cream cheese and dill (mix in when the eggs are just about done) are DELICIOUS! Creamy and fabulous! YUM![​IMG]
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    Duck eggs have less water content than chicken eggs and can be quickly overcooked. When we make scrambled eggs, my husband usually throws in a few chicken eggs and some milk to even it out. They are wonderful for "from scratch" pancakes, banana bread, and I even put one in my meatloaf the other night. Good luck.
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    The main difference is the thickness of the yolk. Take a fork and poke at a chicken yolk. Do the same with a duck yolk. The chicken yolk is runny and thin in comparison to the thick, custard-like texture of the duck yolk. You can't whip a duck egg for scrambling with a fork. You just end up with little thick chunks of yolk floating around in the whites. When they cook, they are grainy and have a strange texture. This is due to the yolk. It doesn't emulsify so easily. Duck eggs require a little more energy to combine with the whites. While it would "ruin" chicken eggs to blend them too energetically, and a quick turn with a fork or a whip does fine, thorough blending is necessary for scrambling duck eggs. Beat them until you can't see bits of solid yolk. Cooking is a little different too. It seems to me that they need to be cooked a little longer so they can hold together better. It is easy to overcook scrambled chicken eggs. Not so with scrambled duck eggs. Cook them longer over lower heat, turning a little less frequently, you may like your result more. Experiment with the quantity of milk you add until it is to your liking. I don't like to add as much milk to my duck eggs as my chicken eggs.
    This is the one area where I feel I truly prefer chicken eggs over duck. Fried duck eggs are very good. Poached, they are yummy. In baking, they are AWESOME. But scrambled... I'm still working on the technique, and prefer chicken eggs at this point in time for scrambling. Maybe it is just practice. I'll let you know if I can get them perfected. My ducks keep me well supplied with materials to try new things with.
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    Jul 12, 2012
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    Oooh, lots of good advice here! I can't wait until mine start laying. I've heard a lot of people have problems getting scrambled duck eggs right. I think I'll try fried first. I can't wait to bake with them!

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