SE PA 8 week old pullet chicks Cochins, GLW, Speckled Sussex, Brown Leghorn, Australorps


Mar 14, 2015
Southeast PA
My Coop
My Coop

Hi All,

Beautiful robust 8 week olds (Marek's vacc.)

Out on grass, coop trained and a bunch roosting.

Black Cochin, these are sweet already! Light Brown eggs
Brown Leghorn...very soft pretty girls. White Eggs, and plenty of them.
GLW - yellow legs and rose combs. Light Brown eggs
Speckled Sussex - White legs, inquisitive. Light Brown Eggs
Black Australorp - also decent representation of the breed for the age. Light Brown almost pink egss I have read...

A whole passel decided it would be nice to sit on my back while I crouched watching them today :)

I have coming, also Marek's vaccinated, Blue Isbars, Ameraucana (SQ) and Blue Double Laced Barnevelders (I don't remember if these were SQ or not, but they are dark brown egg layers...) chicks .

Send a note if interested I will deliver while out and about or meet. &nbsp
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Hi, 40 min west of philadelphia. Im willing to drive about an hour... Maybe theres someone down here0 traveling your way.

These seem very healthy. Have been outside since 3 weeks.
I'm trying to find a Speckled Sussex pullet for my daughter (we may have waited to long to order from the hatchery and she's quite upset).... We live in Bucks Co. so not too far away...I'm planning to get our next batch of chicks in late Aug.

Do you hatch your own? Order from other hatcheries? I'd need to try to keep the pullet in close age to our babies when they arrive to avoid pecking issues, but since I saw you have the breed, I figured I'd check with you.


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