Sebbi with snubed nose.....anyone have this before?


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Mar 10, 2008
a bumpy dirt road in Florida

I got her this way, and still no real improvement. Her nostrils are closed up too, otherwise seems healthy and she eats like a little piggy.... any advice?
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aawwww poor baby. Is sshe eating and drinking okay? Breathing difficulties?

as long as she is eating, drinking and breathing fine I would assume she will be okay..

I hope someone will more knowledge can help.
Ohhhh poor baby. That looks like a birth defect to me. All you can do is continue to care for her properly. If she can continue to eat and drink she'll grow up and just have a deformed bill. If she starts not doing well you may have to put her down. She was sent to you this way??? Where'd she come from???
I got her from someone local. It was not as prominent when she was younger. She was the only female they had left. Her brother is normal. They said if she had problems they would refund my money, but we fell in love with her and I don't want to give her back... She eats grass , but she uses the side of her mouth to chew it. I am most concerned about her nostrils, I was wondering if I could use a dentist drill I used on egg carving to open up the closed over portion of her nostrils. I sent them pics that they are forwarding to their Vet to get her opinion on her beak. I was just wondering how rare this was and if anyone else has seen this before.
I have seen similar in a duck once. The thing I would worry about using a drill myself is if you hit the wrong spot. If you were sure you wouldn't hurt her or cause her damage it sounds like a good idea. Maybe you could get a vet to do it for you? At least if they make an oops they are equipped to deal with it. I give birds like that away (with deformities or disabilities) for free to good homes. What a little trooper that she has learned to eat like she has, she is something special and I am glad she has a special home, alot of ppl would have put her down.
I'm not sure where you live. I would find an Avian vet that see's parrots. We have a great one here in Omaha. Look around, I would not attempt it myself. She sure has a sweet look to her...I hope you can find help for her. Good Luck!

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