Self Blue Bantam Cochin Hatching Eggs ( NW Ga )

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Self Blue Bantam Cochins Hatching Eggs

**** Update on Wed Sept 30, 09 === we have received several orders, so we are going to stop taking orders at this time ***

Our hatching success rate as been great. (Note: these were non-shipped eggs)

$18 for one dozen - (When picked up)
$15 for one dozen + $11 shipping - (if we mail to you. I will cut cost on
eggs if mailed due to possible upset during shipping, although we pack
very well.)

$9 for 1/2 dozen (When picked up)

We are located in N.W. Georgia in the Adairsville / Rome / Calhoun area. Zip 30165.

Please send email to me if you have an interest. Thank you.

I will post photos once I remember how to do this.
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I would like a dozen.
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