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    Oct 21, 2014
    This post may be a duplicate of a reply post to a previous thread, however, the post reply form kept disappearing before being submitted and the preview kept erasing the text. If there are duplicates or the other posts appear incomplete, it certainly was not intentional. Onward...

    After many requests, I have finally found that elusive “roundtuit” to recreate parts of my original website of the Seney chicken breed. It shows pictures of colors I perfected, colors I was working on at the end, and some historical colors that were discontinued. I put some informative text with the pictures for those that have a moderate interest in chicken genetics. I tried to keep it simple. Heck, I knew the chicken genome extensively and found myself needing to look some things up. Like they say; “If you don’t use it, you will lose it”. It did begin to come back a bit as I went along. The memory cells are still there, but the CPU is not leading edge technology anymore.

    But it still gets the job done.

    To facilitate low costs and maintenance, I have included the pages as a menu selection off my existing website for novels and gardening blogs. If I remember correctly, links cannot be included in posts on this site. Therefore, simply do a search on my name “rjseney” to find it. A search for Seney chickens will not take you there because the search bots have not had a chance to log the pages yet. It could take weeks or months for them to do their jobs. This is the best I can do for you and stay within the rules of the forum here.

    One of the driving forces for me to end my tenure with the Seney breed, other than cost and a lack of interest in the breed within the poultry community, was the need to write books. I simply could not do both. I now have five books under my belt and will be getting back to chickens, but in a much smaller capacity. I may write two more books in the future. One may be about plant sustainability and breeding and another about chicken sustainability and breeding. I have a lot on my plate so don’t hold your breath waiting for those two books. Furthermore, I have an insatiable appetite to help people, that cannot be ignored.

    The new chicken breed I will create will be called the Seney Homesteader. The description of what it will be is posted as a selection on my Seney breed webpage. I will probably post articles about them and post pictures as the project develops. I have no plans to market the birds when they are done. It is simply a hobby at this point and I prefer to keep the project small.

    I hope you all will like the trip down memory lane. I know I have. I think even I didn’t appreciate just how beautiful the Seney birds were.

    Live Strong and True,

    RJ Seney

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