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    I plan on setting some eggs this week. Six will be Silkies, 12 will be Easter Eggers, and 10 will be Seramas.

    I've heard that Serama eggs hatch in 19 days. Should I then set the others a few days earlier than the Seramas? And if I can't do that because of the age of the eggs, how to I manage the hatch?

    Any other tips on hatching Seramas?
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    Yes.. Seramas Lockdown day would be 17 instead of day 18... What you can do is split the difference... Lockdown at 17 1/2 day. It will be fine..
  3. Hi! I've hatched a boat-load of Serama here and never noticed any hatching on Day 19. If it were me, I would treat them normal for the first hatch and adjust for later hatches.
    Good Luck and Happy Hatching!
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    Jul 22, 2010
    i do believe that a chicken, is a chicken ,is a chicken..meaning all are to hatch , regardless of type of breed they are..normally day 21.there are exceptions to the rule. for some reason i did have hatches of seramas on day 19..even tho my temps were all correct..fresh eggs?? ive had bantie cochins hatch day 18..but normally all are to go thur the whole 21 i guess if it was me id treat your seramas same as all other eggs...becuz they are so much smaller in size then regular eggs..and even some batamn size eggs if you are incubating them in same unit what eggs are you measuring temps from? you can put smaller eggs on pillow foam or batting to lift eggs higher so even with other eggs temps.if yours are nearer bottom of bator floor reading will be different & might even be a delay in hatching
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    sorry to derail, but what about bantams, like OEGB's...? they're almost the same size as seramas... well mine are... kind of...
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    My seramas may hatch a day or two early but then again I've had other chicks do the same so it is not always necessarily breed specific. The thing about seramas that IS a problem only with them is that they do tend to develop normally and then die a day or two before they are supposed to hatch. I just lost one today, on day 21 and it kills me everytime it happens. I know that it is most likely going to but it is still really hard to see a perfectly formed chick that dies that close to hatching. I have wondered before if intervening on day 19 would help these chicks but decided that more than likely they would die regardlessÂ…

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