serama over ameracauna


8 Years
Jan 23, 2013
Memphis, Tn
anyone have pics of 'seramacaunas'?what to expect? i am getting a chocolate frizzle serama cockerel this week by mail. i have 2 wheaten ameracaunas. going to pen them together until i get a serama female. hard to find certain colors of ameracauna and no seramas that i know of near memphis tn without going thru the mail
. thinking about breeding ameracaunas and seramas for fun, not necessarily together. also want to breed silkied ams and seramas. just starting out. any advice welcome.
I'd be surprised if fertility is very high. My Serama cockerel likes to mount one of my ducks but his parts line up approximately with her shoulder blades. If your Ameraucana is a LF, I doubt the logistics will work very well to fertilize the eggs. Just sayin'.

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