Serama Pairs - 4 weeks old

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    I currently have 5 (possibly 6 or 1 trio) pairs of smooth Serama chicks available. Prices start at $25 per pair/$40 for the trio.

    These are from my own line of Seramas (first chicks hatched) and have excellent breeding lines behind them (PM me for more information on this). They have solid yellow legs - no black, willow or swarthy markings - and are feathering out very pretty in tri-colors, black with silver penciling, black tailed buffs and mille fleur pattern. I have two that will most likely be Class A since they are tiny at 4 weeks - one cockerel and one pullet. I do not have any single pullets available as of now, but I would be willing to sell single cockerels. Pullets - $15; cockerels - $10.

    If you are interested, please PM me, don't hit the Buy it now button!

    This is my website where you can see the parents, more information on my line of Seramas, news and updates and photos of the babies. At this point, you can match up the pairs however you'd like.

    , no shipping - local pickup only. I will be happy to meet up or deliver within a reasonable distance (OR and WA only). My goal is to get these little ones great homes!

    This is a photo of them 2 weeks ago....

    **Updated photos of the available babies are now on the website!
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    They are adorable!

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