Seriously infrcted eye

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    Sep 25, 2013
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    Snowball was attacked by something about 3 weeks ago. I brought her in, cleaned up her wounds and have been applying warm saltwater compresses to her eye. She is getting vitamins in her feed and acv in her water. Nothing is helping her eye.

    I need suggestions, please. Snowball is the chick that my 8-year-old daughter hatched and I am not looking forward to dealing with the heartache if I can't heal her.[​IMG]
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    That is a serious infection indeed... If you can, perhaps you might be best to get a vet for that...

    If not, or if not immediately, then some very strong antibiotics would definitely be the go. They will be urgently necessary either way, very clearly the infection is beyond her immune system's ability to defend against. The salt water compresses are unfortunately merely a bandaid on the surface of a deeper wound, clearly there is something seriously infective beyond the reach of the salt water, possibly within her inner ear, sinuses, or even inside her skull. Time is of the essence, but I'm sure you know that.

    You can try freshly minced raw garlic in the meanwhile, but when something is so advanced best to hedge your bets, especially with the kid's stake in it, and probably use something super-strong. It will also harm her but may save her. I used to be concerned about raw garlic interacting with artificial antibiotics but studies have instead shown it only boosts their efficacy, and certainly it's a very powerful natural antibiotic anyway, able to destroy bacteria and other pathogens that even the strongest man-made artificial antibiotics can't harm.

    I don't use artificial antibiotics so can't help you there, sorry. If I had a case I felt needed it, I would, though. Anyway. Casportpony is one user who gives out lots of advice on that subject, I dare say you could PM her for that info.

    Probably only a vet could investigate how much internal damage has occurred, she may need an eyeball removal to survive, or removal of whatever is left in that socket anyway.

    Also, are any of your birds sneezing, or looking sick or a bit unwell, or having runny noses or anything at all that is not normal? Because there is a chance that this is an illness taking advantage of the stress of the attack to take over. No matter what symptoms are listed, it's not uncommon for some birds to show only a few or even none of the symptoms, so it can be hard to rule out. Anyway, some info:
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