Set Hatch today Due March 26th! Who's with me!


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Jun 10, 2008
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Ok I got my Genisis in the mail and let it sit turned on with turner for a day. I set the eggs today and they should hatch March 26th! Is anyone due to hatch on this day or around? All my previous hatches failed cause I had a LG still air and Im never going back! I got BLRW due and some mix.
I just bought the LG a couple of days ago (it's the only incubator the local feed store sells) and took it back because the indicator light never came on. Since reading all the reviews I want to get the Genesis now too.

Here's my story: I bought 9 day-old chicks from the same feed store about 2 weeks ago, brought them home and got them all set up in a makeshift brooder. A few days later my dog found my 5-month-old BO X Cochin banty hen, who had gone missing 3 weeks earlier, under the tarp covering my husband's tractor, and she was setting on 18 bantam-sized eggs! I candled them and they were all viable - unfortunately, I cracked one moving it, so there are now 17. I put her and her nest of eggs in a dog crate and moved them into the house, but the more I thought about it the more I became convinced that she had stolen these eggs from the other banties as opposed to laying them herself since she's a big girl and the eggs are so teeny - and I'm not sure she's even old enough to have started laying yet. I'm overrun with banty chickens due to their broodiness and adeptness at hiding their nests, and my biggest fear is that I'll end up with 17 more banty roosters (I already have 7!)!! Well, I decided that I would sneak her eggs out from under her and replace them with the new baby chicks I just bought, only the hen caught on and wouldn't go for it. I thought maybe the babies were too old, so what did I do? I went back to the feed store and bought 5 MORE day-old chicks! That night I sneaked the eggs out from under the hen again and put the new tiny chicks under her, but she rejected these little ones too. So now I have 14 chicks in the bathroom, a hen on 17 eggs in the dog crate downstairs, and today I stuck 3 more standard-sized eggs from my White Rock and Black Australorps hens under her for good measure. I've completely lost my mind! I figure the banty eggs are due to hatch in about a week, and at that point I'll transfer the 3 standard eggs into an incubator.

So, I said all that to say this: I should have 3 babies due around the same time as you! Good luck!
Wow thats quite a story! Good luck with all your babies! Im really excited about mine!Post some pictures when yours hatch.
I'm in with you guys... I have a Brinsea mini advance and just received 7 ameraucana/aruacana eggs from Donna-Marie (upinthehollar) yesterday and I just set them today. Looking at a March 26 hatch. This is my 3 hatch with this incubator and the 1st one went perfect... 100%. The second hatch was 1out of 7. 2 hatched with yolk membranes not fully absorbed, 1 died in egg (examined on day 24) and 1 hatch ok. 2 eggs quit early and 1 infertile. I really don't know what happened on this 2nd hatch in the mini... but hope springs eternal and i am at it again.
I have a Brinsea Eco20 filled to the gills with a hatch day sunday 7th. I have 8 black copper marans eggs, 4 speckled sussex eggs, 4 golden cuckoo eggs, 3 araucauna eggs, 3 favorelles and 2 Jersey giants. Cannot wait to see this hatch... I bought this cage for a brooder a month ago and need to fill it. A pic of my incubators also. I am new to incubating eggs, in the past just always had one of my hens do it but this early in the year none are broody.
Norm in N.CA


I set 42 eggs on March 4th too and just candled them today and there's only 2 clear out of 42 set.

11 (shipped project cross eggs) All growing

29 out of 31 Barnevelder eggs growing.
wow those are great odds! Good luck!! I am doing another batch after this. How long do eggs stay good for if left out fresh?

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