Set my very first eggs today (due March 24th) - need a hatching buddy!


10 Years
Aug 25, 2009
Quebec, Canada

Today is the BIG DAY!

I just set 29 eggs in the 'bator, if all goes well I hope to see some chicks on March 24th

I've been collecting fertile eggs from my flock for 10 days now, at least I hope most of them are fertile.

Am scared and not sure that I know what I'm doing so if anyone volunteers to be my mentor I will be eternally grateful


I'm right there with ya! Set my Serama eggs this morning and am pacing like a madwoman to keep my darn humidity correct!
This is nervewracking and it's only day 1!
Mine should hatch on the 22nd!
Good luck with yours.
Yey! A hatching buddy!

Why the 22nd and not the 24th for hatch day? (as you can see I'm such a newbie...)

I had my incubator running at correct temp & humidity since Saturday but now that I had to lift the cover to set the eggs, I have to wait for everything to calibrate itself again... Oh, the waiting is terrible!

I was told 19 days for the little banties to hatch-my Pyncheons hatched at 19 as well.
Believe me, I have learned my lesson-I need a better incubator that will regulate a little easier.
What kind of eggs are you hatching?
I am really nervous because the little Seramas are pretty difficult to hatch is my understanding-but doggone it I'm gonna try.
Yes, if you don't try you will never know or succeed!

I have a bunch of mutts in the 'bator, am hoping to end up with a few hens that lay lots of pretty-colored eggs...

For example I have some easter eggers, some leghorn x EE, some buff orpingtons, some BO x leghorn/polish, some sexlink x EE for olive eggers, and a few silkie x sultan eggs for the fun of it although I doubt those are fertile. Anyways. We'll see what hatches, if anything!

How's your humidity running? I have been researching the perfect humidity and just can't get a fix on it!

I'm keeping mine between 55-60%, but some folks on here seem to think that is too high and my chicks could drown-YIKES.
Temp running just fine at a steady 99.
I have a bator full of my eggs due 3-21-10.
So I'll be just in front of your hatch.
Sounds like you will have a colorful group of chicks.
I will be hatching right with you! I just set 5 Annaconna's and 6 RIR/Australorp Crossbred and pure. For the humidity question you do not want to run your humidity that high. 35-40% day 1-18 and 60-70% during lockdown because the humidity keeps the egg from drying out like it needs to for the air pocket to grow big enough for the chick to pip into when ready to hatch. At day 7 your air pocket should be about the size of a quarter and on day 14 it should be about the size of a half dollar. If your humidity is to high when the chick internally pips into the airsack it will be met with fluid instead of air d/t the membrane being so wet. Here is a page that I am incubating my first hatch by and so far 37 of 40 are looking good and the other 3 was clear. I have it as a favorite on my browser so it is easy to find for reference. Also if you have not calibrated your hygrometer with the salt test I suggest you do so every time you start another use of it (this includes the digital ones) they can be off by as much as 10%, which could make a big diff in your hatch rate.
Thanks kid-n-chickens. I already started lowering my humidity. I REALLY want this to be a successful hatch.
Good luck with yours!

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