Severe Frost Bite?


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Oct 26, 2015
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My Coop
I have two chickens that have frost bite on their wattles and one of them has it on their combs. The wattles are purple and the comb (just one of the points) is white. Is this severe? The high today was 0 and the low was -24. What do you think I should do??? Help!!!!


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May 17, 2014
I can't speak much from personal experience but I would try to keep them warmer, maybe use a heat lamp? And vaseline works very nicely on their combs and wattles. I had a rescue roo who's comb was practically non-existent from neglect and the cold. I rubbed vaseline on it daily and it came out beautifully. Goodluck!

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I read somewhere to give them electrolytes. Would it be safe to give them goat kefir?

I don't know much about kefir. I am thinking it is a probiotic which could aid in digestion. Electrolytes would probably address hydration.
If that is what you have, kefir probably wouldn't hurt, but I would just give a little to see if it give them diarrhea?
I think the idea would be to give them a boost.
You can usually find electrolytes or even vitamins at the feed store (Tractor Supply). Something like sav-a-chick or even polyvisol (without iron)for children at walmart, gatorade in a pinch.
I would make sure they are drinking and eating. Did you bring them in?
Do you have pics of the frostbite?
Another thing is have you addressed any of the issues that may have caused the frostbite, ventilation, no drafts, dry coop? Not sure what your setup is, but if you want to post about your coop, I'm sure we can help you with some suggestions to hopefully avoid frostbite in the future.
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