Sex-linked Silkie?


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9 Years
Feb 1, 2010
I had a black silkie cockerel crossed with a buff silkie and we ended up with some partridge, buff and black. I'd just like to ask if the colours are sex-linked? as in the blacks are male because they look quite like the father and the buffs are females like the mother? does anyone have experience and know if this is possibly true?
With silkies you can never be sure until someone crows or lays an egg. I've had some that showed the swept-back head feathers of a roo as early as 4 months and some that I couldn't tell until they were 10-12 months. Some just mature earlier than others, no specific color has any bearing on this.
OK, thanks its just that the colours similar to the father act more like males and the buffs act more like hens:lol:

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