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Jul 31, 2018
Catalonia, Spain
My Coop
My Coop
I started making lamps three years ago.
In the National Park where I live and the surrounding area hundreds of hardwood trees are cut for firewood every year. All the lamps and other wooden items are made from pieces of firewood that would otherwise have got burned.
Most of these items are made from various types of hardwood that grow locally; Alzina (Holm Oak) Alzina Surera (Cork Oak) and a fruit bearing tree called Arboc, Boix (Box) and Pollancre The Beech used comes from another area.

All these items are hand made using traditional woodworking hand tools. The only machine used is an electric drill for the cable and lamp stem holes.
I do the rough work outside and the engraving and fine work on my kitchen table.
The designs in black are carved into the wood and the voids are then filled with a paste made from slate dust and adhesive; these are sanded and refilled until flush with the wood.
No paints or varnishes or wood dyes are used. The finish is achieved with various mineral and wood based oils and beeswax.
They really are hand made.

I have a product name which is Llenya Art (Llenya, means firewood in Catalan) and I sell a few each year from commissions, or through the local arts and crafts fair. I seem to give quite a few away.

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The pictures below are from an arts and crafts fair last year.
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