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Apr 26, 2019
Solomon was my first ever rooster. He's a beautiful silver duckwing aneraucana, or easter egger. Whatever he is, he's beautiful. He was terrified of people when I first got him. Now he's the nicest rooster I have ever had. Super friendly, loves his ladies, and is easy to handle.
A year or two ago, he saved my speckled Sussex from a predator. Don't know what got in there, but he saved her.

Ben, my heritage Rhode island Red rooster, was a beautiful boy. He recently passed, but was one of the most beautiful roosters I have ever owned. Survived a fox attack. Pics below.View attachment 2007220
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Jan 24, 2020
I have a lot of cute stories of my chickens but the one that stands out the most is the story of my Black Ameraucana rooster, named Dotty. So, It was evening time so we went outside to close the chickens in. We had already closed in all of the coops except for the "Big Old Coop" as we call it. We walked over to the door and checked if every chicken was in there. We looked, but everyone except Dotty was in there! We looked everywhere for him for hours. Still no sign of him. After a long time, we gave up and just decided to think that he had been killed. Sadly, we walked back inside the house and went to bed. The next morning we woke up to let the chickens out and suddenly we saw Dotty! We picked him up and checked him for injuries. He had a hole in his back (whenever he crowed the hole would sputter blood) and all of his feathers were pulled out of his tail and hackles so he had hardly any feathers left on him. We put Blue-coat and Neosporin on all of his wounds. We also put him in a rabbit hutch by himself so he could heal and not get pecked by the other chickens. The hutch had a piece of wood that to close it you had to turn it. We also put him on layer crumble rather than layer pellets so it was easier for him to swallow. 1 week past and he was getting better. But one day I went out to let out the chickens again and the hutch was open! I quickly looked inside of the hutch to see if he was still in there but he was gone! I looked around for him or feathers and I found a big pile of feathers next to the fence so the animal that got him must've dragged him and tried to get him underneath the fence. This time I really thought that he was gone but when I was closing the chickens in that night I found him again! Overall he was ok but now he had like no feathers! I put him in the hutch but this time I leaned a bunch of poles onto the door. That night we went to the store and got some locks for the doors so whatever was getting in there couldn't get in there. We were going to put the locks on the next day. The next morning the hutch was open again and all of the poles had been knocked over! Again the rooster was gone! I completely was sure that he couldn't have survived this again but sure enough that evening, when I was closing them in he was roosting in a tree! This time his wing had a nasty scratch on it. We put blue-coat and Neosporin on the scratch too. After I was done I grabbed him and put him back into his hutch. That evening we put the locks on the hutch and now he is fully healed and he even lives with his wife (Our English Orpington hen) and all 10 of his children!:D

Does anyone else have amazing roosters? I always call him our "Bionic" chicken:lau.
A fox was attacking one of my hens the rooster did a diving side kick into the foxs face tore up its face before the dogs ran,itoff 😂
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