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13 Years
Feb 2, 2011
Hi guys! I've seen some pictures of little Feeder Stations for hanging feed and water protected from rain / sun.
I'd love to gather some ideas for how to do it right.
What does yours look like?
How much overhang should there be for complete protection?
What kind of pitch to put on the roof?

We feed and water outside to avoid attracting critters to the coops and for ease of seeing / filling feeders. So of course some feed is lost to rain, and the waters get hot even in only partial sun so we have to run the hose in them every afternoon to cool it down. For that reason we've just been using buckets, but we were planning on also building cup waters attached to a reservoir with a float valve.

I'd just love some more inspiration please!

Ignore the flooding lol. Mine's the thing on the left, not exactly water tight (the "roof" and walls are plastic greenhouse panels, a gap is left in the back to let rain water drain out) but good enough to provide a sheltered feed area. It's a recycled run panel from a prefab coop.

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