Shiny green tinted feather on RIR. Roo?

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Apr 2, 2010
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So we now have 4 chicken's. 1 BR, 2 EE's and a RIR.... I love love love our BR, and the EE's are too cute with their little beards... but that RIR...... she's a female dog.... I can't ever get her to tolerate being handled or any thing unless we have food. The other girls have personality but Rose (the RIR) is just mean. She pecks hard and bites.... I just don't like her at all. So for the last almost 11 weeks I have been praying Rose would be the one (based on the odds I have convinced myself we have to have at LEAST 1 rooster) that would be a roo. Now I'm starting to see SUPER shiny feather that have an almost green iridescent color quality to them. Her comb is still short and mostly yellow but it's beginning to look pink around the base. And as far as the comb goes it's NOTHING compared to the BR's comb, her's is very bright red but we know the BR is a girl (mostly black bands). So what do yall think? Could Rose be a Roo?
Has Rose tried to crow? I am trying to think about my Roo when he was younger - he looked so much like the girls - SLW but eventually he did try to crow - it was wierd but definately a crow once a day for a week or two and later it got better. The older he got the meaner he got but he does a good job of looking after the girls. I don't trust him not to attack me and soon I will rehome him.

Rose could very well be a roo, especially based on the standoffish behavior. You should be hearing a crow any day now.
You can't compare one breeds comb development to the other. Yes, they both should have single combs, but its development is still going to vary by breed.
Why not post some pics of Rose? I'm sure at 11 weeks it should be easy to tell. Be sure and get good body shots.
Also, out of curiosity - why would you be glad if Rose were your only roo? Is he going to Kamp Kenmore?
If Rose is a roo.... -evil laugh- he will get his just dessert's ..... in my belly.... after I have eaten him! BWAHAHAHAHA... no lol I just never really got close to Rose, she was always terrified of us, never trusting, her personality sucks, she's just.... Rose.... lol I named her after my least favorite plant in the garden... because it has thorns. Jasmin an EE with a crooked neck and a laundry list of health history problems is sweet if not shy, Stripes is stand offish but bold and spunky, Violet is sweet and gentile, unless your wearing jewelry.... then she's all crazy for the bling! But Rose is just ..... lol Rose. I may not be able to dispatch her but I would NOT mind having her for supper.... Knowing what I know now when the time comes to begin replacing hen's I will stick to BO's and BR's. They seem to be the sweetest of all the breeds. Then of course... Id have no one I wouldn't feel guilty for eating. lol


mine don't have enough personality yet to know who I would and who I wouldn't mind eating. It's the dispatching part I would have a hard time with. I used to watch my Dad take care of that and I would do the plucking. I DO know I never want to pluck again. Nastiest job on the planet IMHO.
I have a RIR that is just over 6 weeks old and it is very obvious that he is a roo. His comb is much bigger than the girls, his wattles are much more visible, and he is bigger than the girls also. I think if your bird is 11 weeks old and was a roo, you would be able to tell. It would be an obvious difference. I started noticing his comb was bigger than the others about 4 and a half weeks. So...I don't know, but I think if it was a roo for real, you would have no doubt!
The thing is I only have 1 RIR, no other to compare it to besides a couple EE's and a BR... and Iv never EVER had chicken's before soooo.... yah lol here's the only pic's I have so far I'll try to snap a few pictures when I get home.

Here's Rose



For comparison (or lack there of) here's Violet



oh what the heck... here's Stripes (is she going to be a bearded lady?)




And Jazzy Jasmin, my second fav


How old is Rose? It's possible you have a rooster, but a side view would really help. My RIR hen never had green in her feathers. She's a sweety pie to me and my kids, but meaner than hell to any new chicken added to the flock.
Rose is 11 weeks (give or take). Her green ish color is on the back of her neck/back of her shoulders. And the shine is just crazy. She is SO shiny you can really see it in a few of her pic's up there.

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