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12 Years
Jan 30, 2007
I have chicks coming from Ideal... they told me April 16th. Does that mean that is the day that my chicks are due to hatch, meaning I should expect them a day or 2 later? Or is that the date that I should expect them to be at my post office?
I think you should call them to be sure you are ready on the right day
And they ship USPS Priority Mail.

Max 3 days, usually 2. You might want to call the local Post Office, tell them they are coming and ask them to call you when they arrive.

Doesn't always work, but can save the chicks spending the day in a van.
Ok, thanks guys! I'll wait until closer to time to call my Post Office... they might forget before then, it is still more than 2 weeks away! I am so impatient for my chickies to get here!
I thought they would call too, but they didn't! Don't count on them calling you. The charge for your chicks will go through the day they ship them out so check your bank account the morning of the 16th and watch for the charge to go through. That would be the day to call the PO and notify them you have live poultry coming and to call you upon immediate arrival.

In the meantime, look at all the pics that get posted of the baby chicks. It helps making the waiting a little more tolerable.

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