Shoals Junction, SC...LOL...who knows where I am?

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    Aug 28, 2011
    Shoals Junction, SC
    Shoals Junction is my area and life with my new love...Chickens! Who would figure I would fall so in love with my feathered new best friends at my age? Shoals Junction is in Donalds, SC's postal mailing area just outside Ware Shoals, SC and in Greenwood County, SC but just 1 mile from Abbeville, SC and on the main back road to Anderson, SC and I work in Laurens, SC. Kinda in the middle of nowhere but can get anywhere traveling in 4 different directions...LOL I have 4 "game" hens with 1 great "game" rooster lovingly named Li'l Big Man (after Dustin Hoffman in the old western movie)...what a voice he has! and 1 Polish Bantam Roo and Hen I call Heckle-N-Jeckle, 2 new Golden Comet hens and 3 Americauna hens with their man...The Roo (Amarecauna too). The question has always been "What came first? The chicken or the egg?" I know the answer...THE LOVE OF CHICKENS COMES FIRST, LAST, and FOREVER!!!!![​IMG]

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