shorter days affecting the girls already?


9 Years
Mar 9, 2010
we're down to just under 13 hours of daylight here in northern colorado. it's light around 6:30 and dark around 7:15. our production has gone down to where we're getting about 5 to 6 eggs a day on average. couple of weeks ago we were getting 8 to 9 a day on average. can't think of anything different that would affect them other than shorter days. they appear healthy, are eating and drinking normal amounts, and in general are happy chickens. what gives?
I have 12 girls laying right now and I'm getting usually 6-7 eggs a day. But I have several that I think are slowing down for their molt. Gosh knows they need it, they look so raggedy. (they are 18 months old)
could be getting ready to molt. i've scoured the yard and didn't find any eggs. i did find one in a hidden spot last week but kept them locked up for several days after that to try to "retrain" them to the nests.
I am having the same problem but I think it is due to molting. I normally get 5-6 eggs a day and lately I have been lucky to get 3. I only got 2 today and that is only because one of my younger chickens laid her first egg today.
Mine have started to slow down. They are waking up around 7 and roosting before 7pm. We had some overcast evening so they have been roosting before 7.

I put the light and timer back in the coop this week.

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