Should I be concerned with these Austrolorp chicks wings?


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Apr 26, 2016
Northeast, Texas
I have 5 Australorps and 3 of them have this same way of "holding" their wings away from their body. I'm just wondering if this is normal for this breed? My other 2 have wings that are tucked alongside the body in the normal way.

I really don't think so as these guys/gals tend to huddle and stay near the mama heating pad. It seems more like their wings are "stuck" in this position. They are healthy otherwise. Tend to be a little smaller than the rest and not as aggressive for food but otherwise normal
uh oh...
No, haven't checked for injuries. They all have developed this shape at same rate of progress. Really don't think there is an injury. I will go back in my photos of them and try to figure out when they first started looking this way...
I've had Australorps in the past, the wing positions are "normal".
Agree with Wyatt0224, check to make sure it's not an injury. Is the wing turning out ward from the body or from the joint/elbow? If not an injury & you have 3 out of 5, I'd call the breeder and mention it to him/her, possible inherited defect?
Thanks ChicksNanny13...I will check them tomorrow to see how they are turned. And I guess I should let the breeder know too. I probably wouldn't have thought of that.

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