Should i be worried?


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Mar 5, 2018
Newnan, Ga
Last night we hatched our first chick. It took just over an hour after it started to unzip.

While that baby was hatching, another egg pipped. Although it was a bit slower, over the course of about 4 hours it had managed to create a hole of about 1/4". The hole was facing up.
When i went to bed at 1am, the hole was still about 1/4" and every 5 mins or so, you would see the chick push its beak up through.

This morning (now 9:00am) the egg apparently made progress but I'm guessing it was rolled over by the other baby chick thats been running around.
I have yet to see the egg move in the past 45 minutes.


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Here is another better picture. I believe its still alive and you can see the beak but its not turning and unzipping like the other chick did.

Could it be stuck?


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