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May 16, 2015
Lefaivre Ontario
Hello. I picked up 8 indian runners yesterday afternoon. They are two and a half weeks old except for one. It is 3 weeks and a few days (is what i was told) we were hesitant to get that one because its back,neck and wings appear to be...i dont know...thin with no feathers and i can see its skin and above the tiny wings are red marks. Should I be worried? Anyone know what this is and what I should do?
here are some pictures



Thank you
That one may be losing baby fluff and getting ready to grow in some feathers. Keep an eye on them, make sure no one is picking on him or her.

Please keep us updated.
I agree with Amiga. Most likely it is going through the change from fluff to feathers but keep an eye on it in case it isn't.

Mine all looked like they had their fluff cut with a lawnmower when they changed over to feathers. They were truly ugly ducklings. LOL!
Hahahaha. Thank you for your replies. I woke up this morning and checked them all for bugs (fleas or mites or anything at this point) we just put them in a bigger brooder but 3 more now have the same thing around their necks. Could it still just be loosing their fluff?
Thanks Amiga! You were right. One week later it (she/he... haha we're still waitting) was almost all white! This picture was taken last week when my baby was 4 weeks.

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