Should I feel obligated to stay with one Realtor if I'm not happy

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    We are selling and buying another house. When I looked on line it automatically sent me to a Realtor with that company. She has taken us to see about 4-5 properties so far over a few months, but although she is very nice she doesn't seem overly helpful. When i ask for more info she mostly sends me the same info posted with the ad? Well I can do that. She doesn't really know anything about the properties or sometimes how to even get there. She is use to selling condos (she stated) and I am looking for 10 plus acres of livestock property. We went and looked at property on a dirt road and she wanted to know if she could ride with us because her Camery might get stuck. Well her car has front wheel drive and my s-10 gets stuck in the driveway....... She comes out in high heels and sunday dress... to walk pasture & woods, first time I can under stand.. but every time? Which she doesn't really walk with us anyhow. She knows nothing about what we need for our animals..... didn't even know the grass paths in the field we were waking were cut by deer etc.. She's a nice person but as a Realtor I don't really care for her. Am I too demanding? She is going out of town... again.... and we wanted to look at this property, so I called another agent to show it to us. She made me feel bad... but she won't be there...... and I really want to see what another agent does for us. I want someone to find out detailed info, i need zoning info, area info, something...... [​IMG] I'm such a wuss........ [​IMG]
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  2. NOPE! You have to find someone willing to work for you. You can find a better match. She should never make you feel bad, that is very unprofessional. In the end, you are the one's shelling out the $$$ for a place to live, you have to be happy with your decision. (just my opinion)
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    I say find another realtor. You may have to stay with her until your agreement expires (if one was signed), though. Be comfy with whomever you choose! And don't be guilted into feeling bad. We don't mesh with every person that comes along and that's okay.
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    No, you don't have to stay with the same realtor. When we purchased our property I did extensive research on the internet. If I saw piece of property I was interested I emailed for further information. I knew exactly what I wanted and stated my requirements. If we were further interested we'd go look at the property. If we liked what we saw we'd contact the realtor. Finding the perfect property took a while but the hubby and I finally agreed and purchased 36 acres.

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    Nope - switch! My husband and I own a small real estate firm and have seen it many times. You need to click with your realtor and have a lot of trust in them. Finding the right place to buy is just the beginning. And I do agree that you need someone more experienced in farm type properties that understands the right questions to ask and the right people to go to. And in this tough market a good realtor can mean a world of difference in negotiations so you really need to have a high level of confidence there as well. If you're not feeling it, definitely give someone else a shot. When buying property it is often the biggest purchase of your life to date and that is no time to mess around with someone who doesn't know what they're doing! Best of luck to you!!! [​IMG]
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    Thanks guys...... what should I expect a Realtor to do.... I never have luck with them. When we bought this house the lady was about like this one, getting info was like pulling teeth, [​IMG]
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    When we were looking we used a "buyers" realtor. She only works with buyers, doesn't list properties. She was wonderful and we took her all over the place looking. She wasn't experienced in farm type properties, but did what was necessary to find the answers to our questions. It was so nice having someone that was really only interested in what we wanted and were looking for. I don't know how common this type of realtor is, but I would use her again without hesitation.
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    Quote:When meeting with a realtor, make it very clear what your expectations are of them. It seems like they'd be jumping to help you find a house, especially in this market. After all, the buyers and sellers agent both make money when you buy a house.
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    Get rid of her. You need a realtor experienced in country properties.There are a lot of extra things like septic and property lines, mineral rights, zoning and a bunch of other crud. They also know what you should be getting for the money. Likewise don't have the country relator sell your house in suburbia. They usually aren't real good at interchanging. Been there done that.

    Our realtor found us a wonderful home at a good price right before the housing crisis. We had him sell our other house. He had us set the price too high. Said we should try it for 3 months. After 3 months the house had dropped 10k over what it should have been priced at originally. Our contract with him was 6 months. He had the house priced about 10k higher than it should have been the whole time. By the time the contract was over the housing market was terrible. We got a new realtor and she listed nationwide. Some guy came and looked at while he was here starting a new job and he put earnest money on it. At the closing you could tell the wife wasn't too happy. If she had been looking with him I don't think they would have bought it. So we started at 265k and closed at 218k after 14 months on the market. Double payments for 8 months. We had to bring 2700.00 to the table to close.

    Don't waste time with a realtor you're not happy with. If you have good credit you should be able to find a close to perfect house in foreclosure. That's about the only thing selling right now and there are plenty of shattered dream houses in the country that are sitting empty.
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    Aug 25, 2008
    My rule #1 in real estate, medicine, service industry in general? I am the one paying you. If you can't deliver what I need, then no offense, but I need to find someone who can.

    Be polite and courteous, but if your needs are not being met, and you are paying for the service, find someone who can deliver.

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