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    Jul 6, 2008
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    I am new to chickens. I have 6 girls - one 7 month old buff orpington, three 6 month old delawares, two 6 month old easter eggers. Everyone but the EE's are laying. I have the chance to get a pair of 7 month old cuckoo marens or a pair of 1 year old silver pheonix. I am really interested in having them but have no interest in raising chicks at this point. I am worried that the roo may become mean and bother my girls. Also is it good to mix the breeds together? I also have plenty of room for them. 50sqft coop with light and windows and 200sqft run with free ranging time available in the yard and garden. Any advice would be great.
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    Jul 20, 2008
    Well, if you have a rooster you don't necessarily have to have chicks--you can eat the fertile eggs and just not let them begin to develop. One roo would be plenty for your 6.
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    Quote:If you are happy the way you have your flock, then honestly I would not get a rooster.

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    I LOVE my roosters and my little Silver Phoenix guy is adorable.


    If the one you're looking at is a year old his personality is probably pretty well established. Can you go visit him and see how you get along? If he scares you or acts aggressive you have your answer. If you like him, go for it! [​IMG]

    Mixing breeds is not a problem, especially if the rooster is the smaller one.

    Roosters can be a huge pain if you can't handle/don't understand them but they can also add a lot to the flock dynamic. A good rooster will guard the flock from predators, break up fights, and do little things like pick up treats for his girls and make nests for them.
  5. Don't let people fool ya. Roos are probably the best investment you can make for the flock. They keep the hens in line and protect them and instruct them on when and sometimes how to do certian things. I feel they are a very important presence in a flock. You need at leat 6 to 8 hens per roo. Some roos are more aggressive than others, but most get the roo thing down pretty well.

    You do not need to have chicks. Just collect the eggs and do not let your hens go broody on you. They will get over it. A roo does need one thing that the hens can not give, an alpha roo which should be you. Make sure you have your roo iis n check and you are the alpa chicken. It is very similar to dogs and their masters. You need to establish your dominance. If you can not or will not do this, then you should not get a roo. Rooster-Red has BYC pages on how to get this done. Do not wait until they are boss, start right away as soon as he is introduced to the flock.
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    I love my roosters. My head rooster is so cute, he cockadoodles and tells everyone when it is time to go inside the coop for the night. Then he goes back out to the pen and walks around to make sure everyone is in. Its pretty cool to watch how they work. Or when they "dance" for their girls. Once again, I love my roos!!![​IMG]
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    I love my Nikki Roo, he and I dont really get along, but he sure takes care of the girls, and we have many pretty babies cuz of him! And I love to hear him every morning.
    He is a big beautiful buff cochin and so far all the babies we hatch here have feathery feet.

    ok, I am getting a little rummy, time for bed....maybe
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    Quote:I agree with Omran. I don't have any Roo's but I don't want to hatch any eggs for chicks. I will buy what I want,

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