should I give them another chance..


12 Years
Mar 1, 2007
Out of the 44 birds I got from MMH, I have about 6 left..So didn't get good results. I deffiently want to order more chicks, but now I'm warry of ordering from MMH and thinking that maybe I should go through ideal. I was wondering what your thoughts where on the subject, should I give them another chance or try out another hatchery?
Have they offered to replace the chicks at no charge? I'd give them another chance. They have been good in the past and their problems could have happened to any other hatchery.
personally, I would wait a bit to reorder from them. Just to make sure whatever happened gets taken care of/cleaned out. And look at it this way, it's fun to try a new one. I went with Welps last year, and this year ordered from them again...something happened that made me cancel the order, and I ordered from Ideal. I'm happy with the chicks/ducklings I received, and have another order with Ideal scheduled for May.
You should look up Frozen Feathers' post in [Raising Baby Chicks].
Frozen has posted an email directly from
McMurray. It is all about what has happened
I think that you should give them a chance to correct what has happened. They are willing to replace your chicks
I know I, personally, have been very happy w/Ideal, should you want to try someone else, but if you have had good luck w/MMH in the past and they are obviously making an effort to correct it, try them again.
Just my .02
I ordered from mm for the first time this year and wasn't happy with them at all...because I ordered 31 chicks...received 16..3 were dead another died that first free rare extra chicks for warmth.... AND on top of that most of the chicks they did sent were the males I ordered..but no females to go with them?? So basically I ended paying for an order of roosters...and still didn't have the chicks I wanted. They were very nice when I called and refunded me for the losses...but it really upset me that they didn't try to contact me before shipping out only want list is a mile long and I could have easily changed my order. And the nice lady told me that they would never ship out only 16 and that's what all the marked extras were for...when I told her there weren't ANY extras she was I think my order just slipped thru the cracks somehow.

So then I decided to order from Welp...within an hour I got a phone call AND an email telling me that the one breed I wanted wouldn't be available to ship with the others...I called right back and replaced them with another....and all was set.
End of story...the welp chicks arrived safe and sound this morning...the 31 I ordered PLUS an extra...and they're all BEEEEE-U-TI-FUL!

I ordered my 9 ducklings & 2 goslings from Ideal last month and they were terrific too! The only reason I didn't order my chicks with them was because they didn't have a few of the breeds I wanted....but I'm sure I'll be ordering from them again next year too.
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I don't think the point (IMO) is the reimbursement. To me, it would be the trauma to my emotions, baby pets dying, not knowing why, thinking it was my fault, putting my own chickens in jeopardy..... No money can repay for all that.
Oh yes I deffiently agree with you and that is one of the reasons I didn't get another order from them. The lady never once said she was sorry and recommened that I give them electrolytes and vitimins, and then I was told on here to never give them that, unless they need it, but I moved the remaining chicks into my heated barn and by the first day they seem much healthier, so hopefully these guys will make it.
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