Should I take my sick baby to the doctor?


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Jun 1, 2009
If he doesn't have anything like a cold or what not before you take him to the doctor, then there could be a good chance he could catch something from being in the waiting room. It sounds way to cold to go out. Stay home where it's warm.


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Hope the baby gets to feeling better real quick.
I just talked to the doctor's office to ask how long this crud is lasting, from what they've seen in the office.
The nurse told me 4 weeks.


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Jan 31, 2007
I already read about the honey. I was going to make an attempt to make home made cough syrup (found a recipe for children uner a year old), but when I started reading how to do with a honey supplement or replacement, it was just too much work, lol.

I guess I'm just gonna keep an eye on him for a fever and just ride it out.

Bad thing is, I got it now too.


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CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP - homemade. put chicken in chicken broth and boil, remove cooked chicken add noodles, carrot pieces small ones so he can eat it and celery pieces. Add Boulion to the mixture, while noodles are boiling, cut up the chicken and put it in. Salt to taste!!

WARM Steamy bath to relax his little body! Let him draw with washable crayons for the bath on the wall of the bathroom. Wrap him in a snuggly warm blanket...Fresh and warm from the dryer and snuggle with him INSIDE......

Good luck Amber!!!!!

Edited to add: I am NOT going to snuggle with you in a nice warm blankie from the dryer, I will put one in for ya but I am not snuggling !!!!!! LOL, just kidding you know I would if I was up there!!!!
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Quote:DO NOT GIVE HONEY TO AN INFANT!!!!!! They cannot digest it properly and it becomes toxic!

Call your pediatrition and ask--they are familiar with your child and family medical histories and also the local weather and illnesses that are making the rounds. While it is likely somehting that he can get over with on his own, they will ask pertinent questions and give you a much better answer than any of us can. It may be that your answers will indicate the need for an antibiotic or cough medicine that they can call in to the pharmacy, so that the baby doesn't have to be exposed to the weather. Or they will reassure you about whatever mild ailments are going around, and what symptoms you need to watch for and when you should call back.
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