Show me your duck enclosures


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Mar 4, 2009
Hi, I'm a new Duck mom. I need to build a pen for them and I need ideas. Could you please post pictures of your duck pens?

I only have 2 ducks. Thanks!!!


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Jun 18, 2009
Oh, thanks for starting this, amarook. I'm looking forward to getting ideas for my not-even-ordered-yet ducklings.


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Jun 18, 2009
I was gonna ask the same question myself! We need to start working on an outdoor home really soon for our bunch.

Can't wait to see what gets posted!

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Mar 12, 2008
Loxahatchee, Florida
Although I built a pen for my ducks they much prefer roaming all around the yard all day long. I kept them in the pen when they were little, but once they got a taste of free-ranging they were never content staying in their pen during the day. They have a little house where they are put to spend the night, locked in securely away from predators. And conveniently they lay their eggs in there overnight. So in the morning they're clamoring to get OUT, they've finished their work and would please like the rest of the day off. The geese & the guineas also spend their entire days in the yard. The chickens are kept in their pens until about 2 PM so they will lay all their eggs in their nest boxes & not in the yard. After 2 they are also let out to free range until dark.


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Mar 5, 2009
Church Hill, TN
I have 2 pens for my ducks. One is just a large 100x100 enclosure. Then there's the smaller enclosure that has their night shelter in it. Their locked into their night shelter so no predators can get them.

We're in the process of reseeding the small enclosure. I'll have to take pics. I've added monkey grass to it, and an a small ausse willow (which will be kept trimmed)

I'm also going to sink their pool into the ground, add a drain to it so that its easier to take care of. Then add pea gravel around the outside of the pool to combat mud. Hopefully, if the humidity stays down and the rain stays away, I can start that this coming week.



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May 14, 2008
NE Wisconsin
Our pen is 25 x 30 (I think). For posts we used 8 ft cedar posts. The wire is hardware cloth on the bottom and heavy gauge chicken wire on the top. There's a coop inside the pen.

We have solar lights mounted on 2 of the posts. They shine on the coop at night so we can see if any predator tries to get into the coop.

We dug a hole in one corner of the pen and filled it with sand. The ducks have 2 heavy duty plastic tubs to swim in, and the tubs are placed on the sand pit. When I empty the tubs, the water drains right into the sand instead of running all over the pen.

I would love to post pictures, but my camera is out of commission and I won't have another one for a few more weeks.


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Jun 18, 2009
NY Tri State region
For an easy to clean duck pond, I make a camp fire ring out or rocks & line it with a shower curtain. It's easy to disasemble and hose off. My pen is 3x8 with a duck house that I move once a week or so. Soon they'll be big enough to roam the yard and swim in the gold fish pond. I will lock them up in there box at night tho. 3 happy little call ducks!


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Sep 14, 2008
Finger Lakes, NY

This is Premier electronet, too. Not sure how big it is. The circumference is 240 feet. It is home to 43 chicks, 27 Muscovy ducklings and 5 guineas. It's not really big enough for all those. The chickens are moving today or tomorrow into another electronet pen with a chicken tractor in it.

Large dogs and electronet seem to work pretty well. We haven't had a single death since hatching.
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