Show off your Leghorn crosses

I have one! She is a leghorn EE. She lays a white tinted with green egg, everyday like clockwork! She's flighty and very quick. So I named her corvette! I'll try and get a pic this afternoon.
We have FRANKENCHICKEN, a huge white-yellow cockerel (with black spots, we call him an Appy or Dalmatian
) and his dad was a young cockerel itself from a group of chicks I bought from some guy in central Oregon that supposedly was working on this *breed* for 18 years so they would lay jumbo-jumbo eggs (that wouldn't fit into a regular egg carton) and they reminded me very much of heavy Buff Orp influence but he wouldn't say what his *secret pedigree combos were*.

Anyway, one of the young roos before he made it to the freezer, bred one of my Leghorns and here is Frankenchicken. He's about 8 months old and in with some silkies, bantys/cochins.


Daddy is a New Hampshire, Mommy is a White Leghorn. She hatched Sept. 3rd, 2010, started laying a month ago and has laid a lovely cream coloured egg almost everyday since. When I made this cross, the plan was to replace my aging production red hens with pullets from this breeding. 39 out of 42 eggs hatched, so, I kept a dozen chicks and sold the rest on Craigslist. Well, I happened to keep 11 roos and this one little girl
They were all white with black spots and no way to sucessfully sex. At 16 weeks old, the roos were causing too much havoc with the main flock so made their way to freezer camp. They dressed out 3-4 lbs., much larger than we had expected at that age!
Hey Zanna! Probably got all that wonderful meatiness from the NH and the fast growth rate from the Leghorn!! Amazing that you did get that bulk. I had to freezer camp a couple of my Leghorns from irreparable injuries and man, talk about little chickens! I sure love the Leghorns though, they are laying machines! I need to get some more!!
The leghorns are laying machines and I think this cross will do just as well, wish I ended up with more! May have to do another breeding
With knowing that the roos are a little more useful for table purposes, makes growing them out till you can sex them a little more practical. And, the cross creates a lovely coloured egg. Some experiments don't turn out so well!
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