Show off your pea Videos :) - do your peas jump on you too?


7 Years
Jun 11, 2012
North East, PA
ok this was two weeks ago, The chicks are all 5 months old. When i bent over to tape the new bs pair houdini jumped on my back. you can see the camera jump a little. then my daughter tapes for a minute while he climbs on top of my head. Houdini always wanted to be a parrot i think :)

Anyone else got such friendly peafowl??

it amazed me when i watched the video how big he'd gotten!!! for comparison here he is - on my shoulder like always - at 3.5 weeks. I knew they'd gotten bigger but i just didn't realize till i saw it with my own eyes :)
The video shows up okay, nothing cut off
. Houdini HAS gotten bigger!!!! Wow!!!
I've posted most of these on the "Show off your peas!" thread.

Wylie displaying.

Exploring outside.

More exploring and displaying.

Displaying at 16 weeks old.

And more exploring/displaying.

Hiccup and Muppet at 19 weeks old.

And most everybody.

Muppet 16 weeks old.
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