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I recently purchased 4 white showgirls (3 hens, 1 roo). Unfortuneately we had a mishap here and I lost the roo

So now I am left with the three hens. I hatched out some of the eggs that they layed so I will have more breeding stock in 6 months.

My first question is can I use one of the roos to breed to the hen?

My second qustion is. Some of the chicks are showing up as plain silkies, no necked neck etc. The breeder I purchased them from said they will throw some silkies.
These are not just first generation showgirls. So how long will it take to get just showgirls and no silkies or will a silkie always show up in the lines? So far I have gotten a few silkies.

My three hens all have bowties and so did the Roo that I had but they were penned with a non bowtied Roo so I did get some without the bowtie.

So my last question (for now anyway) is if I breed to a silkie roo (non bearded) how will that affect the outcome of silkie or showgirl chicks?

Oh and I do have a pair of partridge showgirls that I was thinking of breeding the roo to the white hens, any idea what their outcome would be? Would their be a market for thoses?

Ahh all these questions !!! Sorry !!
Non bowtie x non bowtie... all non bowties
Non bowtie x bowtie, half bowtie, half non-bowtie
Non- bowtie x silkie, all bowties
Bow tie x silkie, half silkies, half bowties.

Theoretically speaking. Sometimes non-bowties only carry one NN gene, and sometimes a bird with two copies of NN will have what looks like a bow tie. Any silkie can x with any showgirl and produce some showgirls. If the showgirl only carries one gene, the odds are about fifty fifty for either variety. Hope that helps.
Awesome, I was wondering this too. My silkies are too young to do the deed, but my showgirl appears to be a roo (bowtie) - so breeding him to a regular silkie will get me bowties and silkies. Neat.
Yes you can breed one of the roos to the showgirls, it is better if you breed one of the pure silkies to the showgirls to best the qulity of the showgirls.
You will get 50% silkie and 50% showgirls, sometimes i would get more showgirl than silkies or vise versa.

And i think it is best to breed with the bowtie and bearded to get your most beautiful showgirls.
OK, this is almost exactly what I got. I have some beautiful showgirl chicks, some white silkies and one chipmunk silkie chick. (two of the showgirls are non-bowtie)

So now my question is: What would you call the silkie chicks? They may look like silkies but would they ever throw showgirls? Crossed back to bowtie parents? Crossed with another silkie? Crossed with sibling silkie which has same showgirl background?

This sure is interesting but confusing at the same time.

Plus can someone explain why the non bowties crossed with non bowties will get you all showgirls?

Oh and why don't you ever get just flat feathered turkens out of these if you get silkies?????

Ok that makes sense!

Now, I forgot to mention that the chipmunk colored chick that came out of the showgirl hens crossed with either a bowtie or nonbowtie has light skin, light toes and only 4 toes.

It looks to me like it is going to have barred feathering on the wings ??????? My understanding from the breeder I got the showgirls from only bred them showgirl to showgirl.

Would this barred coloring come from the background of a barred turken ????? Very cute little chick.

So as far as the other chicks go that have the 5 toes, dark skin and are silkies, they would be classified as 100% silkie ????

Guess I need to study a genetics book hey ?? LOL I should have paid more attention back in high school, who would have thought you'd use this info one day breeding chickens !!! LOL

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