Showing Welsh Harlequins

Star Creek

12 Years
Jul 19, 2009
I am planning to go to my first poultry show and show some of my chickens and ducks. I have a young Welsh Harlequin drake who I bred from Holderread show quality stock, who I think is perfection -- but he is golden phase not silver. Does anyone know if I can still show him at an APA show or will he be disqualified? I have the latest APA Standard of Perfection book and see the gold variety is not in there. If he wouldn't be disqualified would he have any chance of an award against Silver phase ? Really appreciate insights.

Also, where would I find the "definitive" guide to showing poultry ? I find some old stuff in books and bits and pieces on the internet, much of which is from overseas, and the US info on the web mostly focuses on junior showmanship. I'm an adult and an absolute novice at showing.

Thanks in advance!

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