shrink wrapped - anyone with experience?

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    Mar 7, 2014

    I broke the cardinal rule. I opened the incubator during hatch. My first chick fell down through the corner of my incubator where the hardware cloth didn't fit tight and I rescued it. I know, I'll definitely fix that. And NEVER open again during hatch. You live you learn.

    So, I ended up waiting about 30 hours and some were ALMOST free but I could see 4 of them drying and struggling and stuck! - ended up dampening one, and carefully assisting 3 (tough dry membranes stuck to their heads). They had completely absorbed all veins, definitely ready to come out.

    Everyone is back in the incubator to dry- humidity never dropped below 55 and now its a little over 70 with all the wet chicks.

    Here is the question-: The 7 eggs that are still in there have not externally pipped yet.
    Is there any chance they did NOT shrink wrap because they are still sealed in their shell?
    or should I wait a bit and go further down the rabbit hole by opening incubator AGAIN, candling to locate a possible internal pip and helping to create an external pip for them?
    (I'm going to get a wink of sleep finally and hope you have some advice)

    With assistance this hatch is 53% so far.
    I have learned my lesson.
    Thank you in advance!
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    May 23, 2013
    this post is sort of old now, how did they hatch out? any update?

    for the future, there is no risk when you have no pips. it is only once they have externally pipped the shell, the humidity becomes much more important and you really have to observe lockdown. the membrane itself being exposed to the air is what causes the drying out. when you open the incubator, it causes a sudden humidity loss; if you HAVE to open it, open it from 1 corner and only a tiny crack while you snatch an egg out. usually you can trap the humidity in if you do it this way.

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