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    I'm kind of worried about my neighbors, now...I've had my chickens for a year now, but these days, they have been enjoying getting up bright and early to ring in the new day with an assortment of extremely annoying and loud cackles and clucks... Is there any way to keep them quiet for an hour or two more? My neighbors haven't complained, but they are late sleepers...[​IMG]
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    Dec 27, 2008
    Seems like since mine have been hitting the roost around 4 30-5 00 pm. they are getting up that much earlier too! I have no clue how to hush them up unless you black out the sun. Not that, that makes any difference it isn't even up when they rise for the day! LOL
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    I know!! They used to get up at 7:00, and that was okay, but Daylight Savings Time messed up their internal clocks! [​IMG]
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    How early are you talking? Are you legal?

    If you're not legal, you're going to need to fool the chickens into being quiet. If you are legal, it would be kind to your neighbors, but check local noise ordinances regarding morning noise. Often garbage trucks come by very early in the morning, so I imagine if your hens aren't beating the garbage truck out of bed, you'd be ok.

    A little egg bribery never hurt anyone.
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    Aug 16, 2011
    I have also found that what may seem loud at your house can't even be heard at your neighbors house!

    I used to live in a suburban neighborhood and had roosters in my garage. I brought it up to my neighbor one day asking if it was bothersome and if it ever was I could move them. They said they would have never known if I didn't tell them!! Thats a THAT is some noise :eek:)

    Good luck!
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    I am legal, as my mother said we couldn't get chickens unless I got permission from the city counsel and my neighbors.. They both said it would be alright, but I don't think the neighbors anticipated us to put the coop so close to their bedroom window. (poor planning on my part!) Today, they spread goodwill by anouncing six o'clock am.... [​IMG] Although, It is true that the garbage truck rolls by around 6:00 also.... Hmmm. And THOSE neighbors, (of course) are vegetarians, and wouldn't accept an egg bribe.
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