Sick 2 day old chick

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    Mar 5, 2014
    So, a little background, I am guessing that my incubator wasn't humid enough, i lost alot of chicks mid hatch. two of them were almost out of their shells and just died. One of them took a little more than a day to hatch, and after that I decided to help( about 10 o clock last night. The membrane dried onto the skin as well as one of the eyes. I held the chick in a warm wet paper towel and changed the towel a few times, trying to keep it warm. I wiped the membrane with a warm wet paper towel to lossen it and got it all off, I think i lost the eye, it isnt bleeding or anything, he just wont open it. I put him back in the bator and hoped for the best. We took him out this morning and put him with the other 4 that survived and are eating and drinking just fine ( i hadnt helped them to hatch) but the one i helped just lays there with one of his legs out behind him. He either cant or wont stand on his own. I have tried to help him drink. I have put just a few drops of sugar water in his beak, but he still just lays there. I am getting really worried about him. When i pick him up he opens one eye and his mouth and seems to try to pick up his head but just cant. I dont know what else to do. (I also wiped his bum, it was kind of pasty, but didnt appear to be blocked) thanks for any help
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    I helped a few out of the shell, and learned my lessen not to do it again after losing them. If it were me, I would keep him warm and protected from trampling, and just let him go. You have tried getting him to drink, and done all you could. Sorry about your chicks and hatch.

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