Sick and rooster issue


Mar 10, 2018
I’m currently having an issue with one of my hens.Poop,from what it looks like,was stuck in her like she couldn’t push it out.So I grabbed it all out,ripped it off and then after that I guess it was bleeding.So I wiped it up and separated her in the cage,so here in about an hour we will see whether or not she is bleeding or not.In alll hopes she was just clogged and I can get her some probiotic and send her on her way.
She is almost five years and is a black sexlinks .What could be wrong?

Other question,
I have raised many roosters and all but two have hated the hen I mentioned up above.I currently have a New Hampshire red rooster who can’t stand my black sexlinks hen.Maybe it’s because of the way she carries herself?Zeus the NHR isn’t the first one,his son couldn’t stan Dyer two,but he is gone.
When she is in a healthy good mood she does sorta carry herself like a rooster.Wing dancing around the hens making sure she asserts herself.Being that high on the pecking order I come to realize she also puts herself up fairly early which is something she hadn’t been doing I don’t think.And it’s not like she is intimated by anyone but Zeus,any ideas?
Has this hen we're talking about been laying eggs? Does she act lethargic?

You need to do a bit more for her than just "ripping off" the poop crust and plug. Get some Epsom salt and make a warm water soak for her and let her soak for about 15-20 minutes. Then dry her off and spray Vetericyn on the vent, let dry and smooth on some coconut oil or olive oil.

If she had a "plug", some coconut oil should be given in case she's clogged in her crop or gizzard. Keep her separate until you've seen her poop normally. If after a couple hours, she doesn't poop after you've given her a couple teaspoons of oil, you may need to give her a stool softener such as Dulcolax.

As far as the relationship between this hen and the rooster, it could be physiological (damaged left ovary if she isn't laying eggs) or simply a personality conflict.
She poops there is a scar left but she acts as normal as far as I know she doesn’t lay eggs.Still will offer her coconut oil

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