sick babies?


8 Years
May 24, 2011
We have 8 sex links and 2 buff orpington, 2 buff Brahma, 4 silkies. We purchased our sex links a week before we brought our other ones home. I noticed a day after the new ones came one of my sexlinks started "sneezing". Then she'd look like she was trying to "swallow". She does this periodically. The next day I noticed a second sex link doing the same thing. The "sick ones" have kind of a wet sound. They don't have a smell. Their neck has a bulge under their beak and it's firm. We give them medicated mash, fresh water daily and we use shredded paper (from my husbands work) as bedding. I called the place we got the new ones and he said none of his chicks/chickens are sick. What could be wrong with them? Should I give them antibiotics? We plan on changing their bedding today. (thinking it could be dust from the paper). Any advice? I love my little babies and would hate to lose any of them.
Give them polyvisol vitamins without iron. They are infant vitamins sold at several stores. I went through a horrible upper respitory infection a couple weeks ago. The really sick ones I put vitamins right down their beak. It was a very stressful time. Good luck!
Yes, give changing the bedding a shot. it is just easy to do and one possibility to elliminate. They might be eating the paper too?

Otherwise are they warm enough? if they are under 4 weeks they likely need some extra heat.

The bulge on the neck is very likely the crop wich will be near the base of the neck slightly to the chickens right side 100% normal.

elctrolite and vitamin mix from feed store (simmilar to what is posted above) in the water is always a good bet to give them a little boost too.

If things don't clear up then maybe look into things further to assess if they have some sort of respritory infection.
Oh, I would use antibiotics as a last resort. If you choose to use antibiotics, make sure they have either probiotics(I use probios) or yoguart.

My signs of the upper respitory infection were sneezing every few seconds-minutes, ruffled feathers, gasping for air, gurgling breaths, and not very active. My chicks did lose some weight. I fed hard boiled egg yolk and put sand in the yolk. I ended up giving them antibiotics, probiotics, apple cider vinegar, and vitamins. All mine survived.
Would it be okay to give them vitamins and a little yogurt in their food? I discovered another one "sneezing".
Absolutely. I give probiotics and vitamins everyday. Make sure you give the vitamins without iron.
Would it be okay to treat all the chicks with the vitamins and yogurt? We changed the bedding to pine. I hope that will help them. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.

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