Sick baby - need advice quickly.


6 Years
Aug 20, 2013
I have a baby chick dilemma. I have a two week old black copper maran who has been healthy the entire time. I just went to check on her and found her lethargic and wings spread out slightly. When I picked her up, there was what I thought was water across her face. I then noticed her crop area was ballooned and swollen. I massaged it and out of her mouth came this thick clear, saliva (bubbly). I repeated the massage and again out came some of this goop. Since then I have taken her food away and given her a bit of yogurt. Is this sour crop? Isn't it a bit early for her to get sour crop? Any help on treatment would be appreciated. She only has one little buddy that is smaller then her, and I am still keeping them together, I hesitated to separate them into singular lonely chicks. Please advise if you can.

awwww Amber can u ring a vet for verbal advice? i cant help but the other day i had a 1day old attacked by its mum and bleeding from around both eyes... my vet willingly gave awsum advise over the phone via the receptionist. praying alls ok xxx
Thank you diamond3girl. I appreciate your reply :) after a day of feeding her yogurt and massaging her crop, she appears to be back to normal! I have no idea what might have happened, but lets hope it has completely corrected itself. Thanks again for the advice! I will keep the vet in mind for future. I really wouldnt have thought of that suggestion as they arent your typical "pet" animal. Have a great day!

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