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6 Years
Sep 2, 2013
I had 6 RIR that were given to me that were laying and very healthy until they started having bloody stools. Suddenly they stopped laying and 4 had died. We went out and bought Corid to treat the remaining 16 chickens for coccidiosis and everything seemed to be going great. Now one of my baby's, a 5 week old buff orpington, No longer seems to be able to stand and I am terrified she may have Mercks disease. She eats, drinks, and is very very alert but cannot stand for any period of time and her wings seem very weak. I have her in a box by herself with a lamp for heat, She has electrolytes in her water along with the corid and is eating a medicated crumble. Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there anything else I could try? And has anyone else had this problem that could give me some advice and some hope please? I ordered a anti biotic terramycin yesterday but I am also scared of over medicating my baby. I am new at this and am beyond in love with this little chicken so any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you so much!
Try giving her vitamins. Many chick leg problems can be caused by vitamin deficiencies especially B and E. Polyvisol baby vitamins are easy to use, 2 drops a day by mouth or in food. She still could have Mareks, but it is worth trying. Don't give vitamins with Corid.
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Thank you Eggcessive, I will definitely try that. Anything is worth a try, she is so worth any and every attempt to me. It bothers me that she shivers so much, I know with dogs it usually means they are in pain but I have no idea about chickens. Like I said I have her under a lamp with plenty of hay and I have ruined many of pillow cases, sheets and clothing trying to keep her warm but she still shivers :( Thanks alot, You have given me a little ray of hope!
When chickens are ill, they frequently get chilled, especially young ones that aren't completely feathered out. Maybe she can have one or two of her buddies in her box with her to snuggle with. We all get attached to our chickens, especially if they get sick.
I would love to have her sister with her but I am terrified she will get Mereks also, if that is in fact what she has!
I do believe you may have saved my chickens life :) I found a web site on vitamin deficiencies, It had photos of what chicks looked like with certain deficiencies, Mine looked EXACTLY like a chick lacking vitamin g (B2 or riboflavin), She has only been on it since yesterday afternoon and today she is standing all by herself. She starts to walk and wobbles then falls but she can do it. Her toes are no longer curled and she has her coloring back. Thank you so much!!
I'm so glad to hear that she is better. It's amazing how many chick problems are due to vitamin deficiencies. I've learned a lot here on this thread.
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