Sick Bird


7 Years
Sep 26, 2012
Two Days ago I found my Birdie in the back of the coop just standing in the corner. I did not think nothing of it because she is a little moody and has her moments. She is an everyday layer and has not layed in 2 days. (she lays in 1 of 3 spots around the yard) Well she started acting a little funny and i noticed her breathing is off and she is breathing by her beak and she has white mucus on the inside of her beak.She won't eat or drink.
She will not move or stand and when she tries she falls over a little. I seperated her from the others and am worried she is not gonna make it. I checked her for bites or any signs of fowl play but nothing.
What do I need to do?

All my birds are free range I don't know if that makes a difference.
Any Advice would surely help Thanks.

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