Sick Chick...?


Mar 29, 2018
Western Washington
I am brand new to keeping chickens, and I hope I'm not over-reacting here...

I have 16 chicks that are 8 weeks old. One of my RIRs isnt acting like the others, and I'm starting to think she's not well.

About my coop. I have a 12x8 coop with chick bedding 4" thick (fine straw, grass, pine shavings mix). They are fed medicated chick crumbles, and treated with dried worms once in a while. I have added ACV to their water, and make sure they always have plenty of fresh. One waterer also has a dab of molasses along with ACV. I have a heatlamp in the coop, and keep the temp about 55 degrees. They get access to a large yard during the warmest hours of the day.

This particular hen is 9 weeks old. She self-isolates and seems lethargic. Her feathers are puffed out and she doesn't stir much unless I touch her...she has energy to become indignant and run off if I touch her, but doesn't always react when I first enter the coop. She does occasionally forage when they get yard time, but she seems to get tired faster than the other 15 nuggets!

I saw a puddle of watery poo on the poop board under the roost...and assume it belongs to her--shes the only one acting unwell.

So. Where to start??
Check her for lice...(how??). Maybe deworm treatment? How about some Drench or electrolytes? Check her croup? I don't want to over-react and make her worse!

Any info
I recommend treating the entire flock for coccidiosis. The treatment is amprolium (Corid), a thiamine blocker to stop the coccidia's life cycle and taking a steep toll on your hen's health, possibly killing her. The others are likely infected, also, but showing no signs yet.

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