Sick Chickens! Need Help Fast!!!!


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Well I have only had my chickens about 10 days 2 weeks. Everything was going great until today. Last night everyone was fine. We moved there mobile coop and expanded there yard space last night.

They are assorted pullets that are about 12 weeks old.

This morning when I let them out of there coop everyone seemed fine. Everyone was still eating and "looked" normal. I had to go run some errands (and picked up a new bunch of pullets). When I checked them at noon one of them was laying funny. When I walked in she didn't get up. Here eyes were clear and nose was clear. She was just not wanting to move. I picked her up and upon listening VERY closely I could here her lungs rattling a bit. About 3/4 of her comb had a bluish/black color to it.

I isolated her, ran to the feed store and was sent home with Tetracycline for the water. They advised me to treat everyone. I started the medication at 1 pm. She had no interest in drinking so I gave her little tiny syringes of water every 30 minutes. By 3 pm she seemed a little more alert. I let an hour go by and when I went back out to check at 4 pm she had passed away. That's when I noticed another pullet seeming sluggish. Sure enough when I got close enough she was rattling when she breathed as well. Now it's nearly 7 pm and ANOTHER pullet is now sneezing and open mouth breathing. The others seem okay but one seems to be developing a bump under it's eye.

I don't know WHAT to do!!! At this rate I may lose them all before morning.
What could be killing them so fast?

Even more worried is I had JUST brought home a new batch of very nice pullets this afternoon. I have a second coop all set up for them away from the others as I was planning on keeping them in quarantine for 2 -3 weeks. Could this go through the air and kill them too. They are a little younger at 9 1/2 weeks old.

Advised need asap please

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