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Dec 21, 2020
I have a large female celadon coturnix who is listless and shows no interest in food, when normally she eats like a cow (this bird is enormous). She sits hunkered and I may have seen her stumble a bit. Passes mostly clear feces with traces of white. I did notice a pink spot in one of her movements earlier today, now it’s mostly clear or white. She does open her eyes and look around at me, so I wouldn’t say she’s disinterested in her environment. I’ve had her on pelletized pine bedding, turkey starter 28% (it’s all that’s affordably available here) and clean water with free choice crushed oystershell and cuttlebone. All my birds are indoors in clean cages with no access to other wild birds. She lives in an xxl cage with 4 other birds (3 hens, 1 cock), in a well ventilated basement with no access to other outside birds. I checked for egg binding and found no trace, vent is also clear and clean with no sign of straining, abdomen “soft” and otherwise normal and no tail pumping, though she has not passed an egg in a few days. Eyes are also clear, no discharge from nasal passages. Plumage is healthy-looking, though a little fluffed up. All other birds are healthy, laying and mating with no issues, and showing normal behaviors for healthy birds. She has been separated into one of those blue/yellow cage sections, with some Nutri-Drench and probiotic added to food and water. That way I can monitor any egg or waste production.

If anyone has any ideas on what could be troubling her I’d be appreciative, plus any advice on other steps I should take beyond what I’ve already done. Thanks in advance, everyone.
Sorry to hear about your hens ill condition! I would first think maybe she's getting ready to go through a molt? Its about that time of year, and if youve upped the temps at home as the cold sets in, it may be a while before she adjusts to it.

If that isnt the case, and you've no other ideas yet; I would personally add music to the environment. This is proven to help the moods and laying habits of quails ( I noticed a big size increase in eggs as well as overall happier quails when i had music going for the last covey.

Hope you sort out your poor quail! I'm sure someone here could provide you with more ideas or diagnosis.

Thanks all for your responses.

She was hatched out at the end of July. 28th, to be precise, so not even a year old yet. this morning I checked on her and noticed she’s now passing stool with much darker spots between the watery white (almost black). She doesn’t try to run and fight when I pick her up but will keep her head up and look around.

I wish a vet was an option, but unfortunately it’s not, for a variety of reasons (location and costliness, etc). I may try to make a mash of her feed and feed it to her via a dropper if it comes to that.

I started playing music for my birds, soft symphony tunes. All my celadons seem to have slowed or stopped laying, I’m thinking it’s the winter weather. We have light for them all downstairs but perhaps it isn’t enough. Maybe they’re going through their seasonal moult. The only birds still laying are the 4 hens who are closing on 8 weeks. I’m not too concerned about that, given the time of year. Everyone else is otherwise healthy and acting normal.

Thanks again, everyone.
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Make sure she's warm. You may want to bring her inside into a hospital pen or tote for a few days.
I have her inside a cimuka cage section, where I can monitor any poop, with a heating lamp, probiotics and vitamins in water and feed. I have a syringe coming in tomorrow to hand feed her if it comes to that.

As for eggs from other birds, I’m noting feathers everywhere in bedding I just changed out, so it looks like the rest of them are molting. Everyone else hale and hearty otherwise. Hopefully I can get my poor hen turned around soon. I am pretty paranoid about biosecurity so no one else better turn up

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